We specialize in full-service business travel management

Travel Risk Management

It’s been said many times that corporate travel is one of the top two to three controllable expenses in a company.

Our travel risk management includes:

  • Travel-related news updates
  • Travel alerts on significant or escalating events
  • Traveller tracking reports in real-time
  • 24-hr emergency after-hours service, available 24/7/365
  • Operational support to rebook flights that have been rescheduled
    or assist with accommodation and ground support

At Peninsula, traveler safety and security are our first especially during this Covid-19 pandemic and beyond. Because the world is an unpredictable place and the industry sectors serve are often operating in challenging, dangerous areas, we keep a watchful eye on our travelers throughout the life of their journey. We do this through real-time traveller tracking based on a single technology platform to ensure accuracy. In addition, we can send messages to mobile devices, alerting travellers of changes to their travel or issues that may arise on their route.

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We specialize in full-service business travel management

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