Corporate profile

  • Peninsula Travels is an innovative and customer-focused Travel Management Company. Established in 2007, our Lagos office is the West-African hub and we have since cultivated an unmatched expertise in the travel industry, working with top airlines, hotel chains and car rental companies to deliver premier service, value and customer satisfaction.                     
  • Our clients trust our services for following reasons:
    • Our innovative and vibrant staff team with tremendous wealth of knowledge and experience in their specialized areas, which is fundamental to our business and reputation.
    • Our ability to listen and understand the needs of our clients and their travelers. Everything we do is driven by the need to maximize the value delivered to clients.
    • Our unmatched quality management system providing an effective structure to our incident response with immediate corrective measures, with a thorough root cause analysis with associated preventative measures to avoid recurrence.
    • Our commitment to hands-on service with an after-hours emergency system staffed by experienced Peninsula Travels employees that provide round the clock highly-skilled and intelligent support to our clients.


Peninsula Travel Management a special kind of TMC


We specialize in full-service business travel management. As a travel company with partners having presence in Mauritius, UK, India, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Kenya, you can be sure that we are in a position to support your business travel needs everywhere you are.


To be a generation ahead in providing travel management solutions that enable corporate organisations   achieve business objectives’


To consistently utilize our innovative, entrepreneurial and people  abilities to develop solutions that address business travel challenges’

Skilled and experienced resources

Formidable partnerships

Multinational presence

Over two decades of experience

core values

Our years of value based service can be attested to by the arrays of customers and partners that we have

Our Location

By virtue of our affiliation with our partner companies , Peninsula has footprints in 10 countries around the world.